Worship and serve God by living as Christ’s disciples in the world.



…an all-welcoming church where everyone is invited to participate in congregational activities. In this effort, we will:

  • Create a Christian environment where all congregants can enjoy a variety of worship, from traditional to contemporary services, as well as variation of cross-generational activities.
  • Create an all-welcoming congregation that embraces diversity and affirms the dignity and worth of every person as created in the image of God, and honor the guiding principle that discrimination is incompatible with Jesus’ message of unconditional love.
  • Create a Christian community who find fulfillment in doing God’s work.
…to an all-welcoming church that focuses on serving God and our brothers and sisters within the wider community. In this effort, we will:
  • Commit to maintaining a church that is relevant, approachable, and enjoyable.
  • Commit to a mission-driven focus where we support the ongoing growth of our congregation and our community; as well as the kingdom of God through our time, talent, and treasures.
  • Commit to community outreach to connect our congregation with the larger community and world by providing safe, updated, and well-maintained worship and fellowship spaces for congregational and community gatherings.

…an all-welcoming church, sharing God’s love by declaring His good news through action and word. In this effort, we will:

  • Communicate the support of activities within DELC that lift up discipleship and evangelism.
  • Communicate through both traditional means of communication and through the latest technological methods that provide near-instant access to relevant church news and activities.
  • Communicate the life of the congregation transparently, allowing and welcoming for all to be involved.


Adopted by DELC Congregation 11/27/2016