Clapper Memorial Garden 

Through the generosity of Lillian Clapper, the church has received the property on the comer of Fourth Avenue and Twelfth Street for the purpose of establishing a memorial garden that will be neighborhood friendly, appealing and easy to care for. 

  Phase 1 will entail the brick casing of the garage and the building of a wall that will consist of four tablets with engravings and a center panel depicting the archway and font of the church, very similar to the church logo as shown on the front of our newsletters. The church has been very fortunate in that we have not had to fund any renovations or new construction in the past several years because of endowments from several donors. The cost of this endeavor is over $91,000, and it will not be funded by any of the existing accounts that the church currently has in place. This means that we must raise the money for this project. Written by: John Deist, Evangelical Lutheran Church

There are many different ways to do this, and we can begin by making memorial gifts to the church for the construction of Phase One. We are not asking for large amounts from individuals, but if you can spare any amount for the construction of Phase One, it would be greatly appreciated. The sooner we can get started on this project, the better it will be for all Phases, so that the entire Clapper Memorial Garden can be completed without delay. Costs will continue to escalate, so the sooner we can complete this project, the less total cost that will be involved. As was stated in the meeting, we are planning to pay for each phase as we go, so, after construction of Phase One is completed and funded, we will begin with Phase Two.   We are now working with the architect to compile a list of different items that will be placed in the Clapper Memorial Garden. When the list is complete, it will be posted, and if an individual would like to purchase a particular item in memory of someone special, this will be possible. The Clapper Memorial Garden will be very visible, and upon completion, will greatly enhance the area around the church. It will be a place that people can come and visit any time-of the day to relax and reflect on how their day is going and to spend time with God. Time enjoying the peaceful nature that the garden will create. It will also provide an outdoor area that could be used for services, weddings, and baptisms. The completion of the garden and the planned beauty will draw very good attention to the church, allowing us to continue to grow as a congregation.