You’ve stumbled onto this page and you might be wondering – What’s it like to be a seminary intern at DELC? First, you might want to know what a seminary intern is – or Vicar, as we are commonly called. Are we people who hang out in the church office and make copies all day? No, not even close.


A seminary intern is typically a third-year seminary student who is assigned to a congregation to apply what they have been learning in the classroom for the last two years and to learn the day-to-day practicalities of what life is like as a pastor. In other words, I do just about everything a pastor does (except preside over the elements of the Eucharist and conduct weddings).


I’ve been enjoying my time at DELC, as I continue to discern my calling. The congregation is extremely supportive of me and my family and have welcomed us with open arms. We’ve felt as though we’ve gained a large extended family here. I continue to grow in my pastoral presence and voice as well as in leading worship, preaching and teaching. Providing pastoral care and visiting with the sick has been a continued blessing. I look forward to seeing what the remainder of my time here at DELC will hold.


God Bless.

Vicar Matthew Best
2015/2016 DELC Intern
(written March 2016)