Family Life Center

family_life_center2For many years we have taken one area of greatest need at a time and worked to ensure that our facility is welcoming, accessible to most and developed in such a way to make the work of volunteers more convenient, all the while working within the parameters of local, state and federal codes for maintaining a facility for public use. Our recent addition of a new parking lot and parking lot revisions has further increased our ability to expand ministry at Evangelical and the requests for use of space continues to increase. 
The Family Life Center has been designed to create a large multi-purpose room, conference/class room, game room, and small child class/play room in the oldest portion of the church basement.


Our newly renovated facility has been designed with the safety of our children, youth and adult leaders in mind. The design was planned based on trends in working with children and youth as well as other groups who use our facility on a regular basis.

The space is a blending of exposed old construction along with new technology to create an edgy blend yet beautifully functional space designed for flexibility of use. We will be able to transform the space from Sunday morning Christian education to a conference or youth activity with little effort.

Symbolism is very important to us, as our faith is the foundation of our church. As such, we have artistically incorporated several symbolic pieces into the Family Life Center.  
The floors feature several symbolic designs. The Game/Class Room has a triangle dyed into the center of the room to remind us of the Trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Internet Lounge area has a circle dyed into the center of the space to remind us of eternity and the promise of everlasting life. The Multi-Purpose area has a square dyed into the center of the space to remind us that the Good News of Jesus love is to be spread to the four corners of the world. The water cascade clock is present as a constant reminder of the waters of baptism and our adoption into the family of God. Just as time continues to move forward, we are called to live each moment in the promises of baptism trusting in our God who is the beginning and the end. 

The colors of the Family Life Center are symbolic as well. Blue in the conference/class room reminds of the Advent (coming) of our Lord. White throughout the space and gold in the hallway reminds us of Christ as he comes to us at Christmas, Easter and Christ the King Sunday.  Purple in the game/class room reminds us of Lent and the passion of our Lord. Red in the nursery soft play area reminds of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Green in the multi-purpose/internet cafe area reminds of the promise of growth in Jesus and marks the remainder of the church year.

Finally, we have the Family Life Center Cross. This cross not only offers a variety of visual reminders of our Lord but also has several physical features that add to it. Please take the time to learn about this captivating piece of artwork by clicking the link below.

Click here to learn about the Family Life Center Cross.